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The Ultimate Client Experience

in just 3 steps


Easy as connecting through a quick phone call and discuss critical points. Adding a complimentary consultation to cover all options and efficiently achieve the look you were hoping for. Receive a wardrobe guide plus my expertise and suggestions whenever you need it .



All you need to bring is you & your family. Don't feel nervous... We got it! I have years of experience in how to pose everyone and still look natural, besides embarrassing candid moments. Just relax and enjoy it!



Come in for your viewing appointment, get ready to fall in love with your memories! A process that helps to guide your vision. Using my specialty software, comparing side by side, previewing wall art arrangements of the photos you gasped over to ensure you love the results.

The Big Reveal!

your   session 


The deluxe experience truly custom for you from beginning to end, made for those who desire and demand a high level of services and excellent quality. 

These are the memories you will regret not to have. Our Portrait Session Fee is $250, may slightly vary in some, which includes the time and expertise of your photographer to plan everything from start to finish, including a guide with wardrobe ideas and colors (plus, text me anytime you need help! no need to stress), photographing your session with a combination of posed & candid moments and design the perfect wall-art for your home.

Best part, you only pick what you love and spend as much as you wish. I hand edit and retouch each photograph you receive, a canvas-worthy portrait, unique to fit you. I pride myself on creating something stunning and flawless, there is no minimum purchase.

The Session

Michelle is the definition of kindness and talent, she is very professional and if you have any doubts on how to pose she will definitely guide you! She made it so easy for me and my husband and captured our favorite memories .

Gabriela Sears

Love notes

Michelle did a fantastic job on our fall session. My two year old was all over the place, but somehow she got amazing photos of him and the whole family. We will definitely be using her again!

Jennifer Callahan

Love notes

Love notes

Totally love my experience with Michelle, she was really nice and friendly, I felt comfortable with her all the time, my family and I loved how the pictures turn out. Great quality and experience! I highly recommend Michelle Cece photography, if you are looking for a photographer Michelle is your way to GO don’t even think twice.

Karina Betancourt

Michelle was very kind and sweet. Also, she is adorable. She did great with my boys!! My sons are 2 and 9! They loved her and we all felt very comfortable! Very patient and had new ideas!! Would definitely recommend her and use her in the future.

Amanda Sierengowski

Love notes

We love the pictures taken by Michelle. She is very professional, and very personable. We highly recommend her!

Stacy Salisbury

Love notes

Michelle Cece is different from any other photographer, as she provides a full high-end service where your portraits are ready to be in your wall, from the design, measurements and a special software that will help you envision it in your wall.  Every little step, Michelle takes care off for you. 

The best part about having a full service professional photographer besides providing you with beautiful portraits, is that you don't have to worry about how things will look or how to make it work because we walk you to make every decision easy and nonstressful. Besides, having heirloom portraits with the best guarantee quality in the market. Rich colors that don't fade overtime is something you can hardly find.

We offer a variety of products, from gift prints, folio boxes, framed pictures but our best sellers are Canvas and Leather Albums. Here are a few for you to enjoy!

Luxury Products

Gift Prints starting at $150.
Folio Boxes starting at $2,000.
Wooden prints $300.
For our famous heirloom Canvas and Albums, check bellow.

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Canvas/ Framed Canvas

The gallery wraps we offer are different from probably anything you have ever experienced in quality. Our portrait clients notice the difference without even touching them. The thick canvas are completely handmade, durable, protected, easy to clean, tight as a drum head, best part; won’t change over time.

Starting at $1,500

Our best seller, Italian Leather Albums are incredible gorgeous, soft but heavy, fully handmade. No Faux or vinyl leather. Their thick pages will hold on into your portraits for a lifetime. Once you see it, you will experience the first heirloom  quality like never before.

Memory Albums

Starting at $2,000


Frequently Ask Questions

1. How much does it cost?

Our portrait sessions varies from one and another, the average investment range around $2,00 a little less 0 or more.

2. Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! As a mom, I understand kids can be expensive but we don't want you to miss the amazing photo shoot experience, gorgeous family pictures and high end products to keep those memories.

5. What if my kids do not cooperate? 

I have a few little tips to help you out. Starting from not booking in your kid's nap time, have some bribe snacks (Stay away from the messy ones).  Another great key is to relax! Then I have some tricks with me, I also give them time to make them feel comfortable and warm up.

4. What should we wear? 

My advice is always start with mom, pick something that makes you feel absolutely gorgeous! In our consult, you will be receiving our styling guide to help you out with choices of color & style, plus extra little tips along the way, etc. If you are still unsure, I got you! I offer style assistant in all of my packages, text me! Call me, or make an extra appointment with me. I want you to feel good about yourself and feel free to reach me out. After all Professional Photography is an investment & we want you to have the best experience and be fully satisfied with it.

3. How long does the session last? 

There are many factors coming into play, did your little one had a good nap? Are the sun and wind letting us do our job the way we like? As much as we are prepared for different scenarios often we find little surprises. Therefore photo sessions can be as short as 30 minutes or a little over an hour. I prefer not to rush because that can cause stress for the families.

6. What about the weather? 

Not a fan of Michigan weather constantly changing around for us last minute! We can hope for the best.. However, I offer 3 alternatives in case it changes.
i) Reschedule to a different date.
ii) Move it into the studio.
iii) Have a cozy lifestyle session at home (My favorite one). 

8. Have more questions? 

Please reach me out! I will be more than happy to answer them for you!

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7. What about posing? I don't know how!

There is nothing to worry about, I have over six years of experience where I will help you pose, place your hands and still look at your best! I also add a little of candid times in between, tickles and natural smiles are the best!

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