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 Hello, I am Michelle Cece. Born and raised in El Salvador, a tiny country with gorgeous beaches and delicious Pupusas! Now, you probably wonder... How I ended up here? Destiny took me on a vacation in Hawaii, where I met my husband, Trevor, while doing his service in the U.S Army.

Sounds like God made us for each other! After he finished his service, we move to Michigan. Ready to be parents after a 2 angels in heaven, God blessed me and I became a mom. I adore children, imagine my excitement! Having chaotics days is the norm when you're a parent.

You need someone to help you make things easier, listens to your concerns, and patiently understand your kids! Let me handle the stress and your worries, only focus in making happy memories, reminding you of the selfless love you've pour by raising your babies. Next time you are awake at 2:00 AM, needing a light from a bad day... These images will bring the joy & strength you need!



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