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 Hello! I am Michelle Cece. Born and raised in El Salvador, a tiny country with gorgeous beaches and delicious Pupusas! Now, you probably wonder... How I ended up here? I went to Hawaii on vacation after graduating, where I met my husband, Trevor, while he was doing his military service in the U.S Army.

After he finished his service, we move to Michigan. Ready to be parents and to had miscarriage twice, God blessed me and made me the mom of two children. I was over the moon! However, daily activities became less important, like sleep, rest, and most importantly, self-love. 

I felt the necessity to show people to see their gorgeous self, providing a stress-free experience, and creating tangible memories that help cope with chaotic days. Next time you are awake at 2:00 am like me and need light from a horrible day, I promise these images will bring the joy you need. 

I strive to evoke authentic emotions in everyone. I am passionate about helping you retain the love in an image, the unique time of your life. I create art for your heart.



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